Sunset Marquis

Restaurant at the Sunset

The Sunset Marquis has served as a haven for the famous, the infamous (and, occasionally, the indicted) since 1963. It has been ground zero for some truly scandalous gatherings; yet offers opportunities for relaxation to rival even the most decadent luxury hotels.

Located in ever-glamorous West Hollywood, the Sunset Marquis is an oasis in an increasingly raucous world, a serene retreat from the uproar of the nearby Sunset Strip, a sanctuary in which to hide from vengeful former spouses, and so very, very, very much more.

Come. Eat. Drink. Record a power ballad. Rest. And if, as you leave, you want help dodging the paparazzi, we have some time-tested diversionary tactics up our sleeves – all complimentary of course!

-Courtesy of Sunset Marquis

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